Service 60 min. 90 min. 120 min. 180 min. 240 min.
Full body massage with oil HK$400 HK$550 HK$700 HK$1000 HK$1300
Thai massage HK$400 HK$550 HK$700 HK$1000 HK$1300
Spa massage HK$400 HK$550 HK$700 HK$1000 HK$1300
Couple massage HK$800 HK$1100 HK$1400 HK$2000 HK$2600
Four hands massage HK$800 HK$1100 HK$1400 HK$2000 HK$2600
Tantric massage x HK$700 HK$900 HK$1200 HK$1500
Body to body massage x HK$1200 HK$1400 HK$1700 HK$2000

Hotel Massage Hong Kong

When you are on a business trip and your day is booked with appointments, or you are traveling around and feel tired or stressed a nice massage is a great way to treat yourself. When you are juggling a busy schedule and lots of responsibilities it can be tricky to book a proper massage treatment. A hotel massage is an easy way to relax, treat yourself on some quality me-time and enjoy a professional massage without the hassle of searching for a good massage parlor and traveling to your massage appointment.

Virtually any type of massage can be booked for a hotel massage. If you prefer a Swedish or Thai massage you will only need a place to lie down, also a full body massage or tantric massage can be performed easily in your room. By using scented candles and incense you can create a relaxed and spa like environment in no time. Any special request or need can be addressed during the treatment. But the biggest advantage of booking a hotel massage is that you can enjoy the comfort of your own private room.

Obviously a hotel massage is very convenient for people with a busy schedule. But people that are not that experienced with massages can benefit from having a massage in their hotel room greatly also. By enjoying a massage in the privacy and comfort of your own room, a client is more likely to relax and enjoy the treatment without feeling uncomfortable or anxious. Also couples who are looking to get a couples massage and feel more comfortable in their own environment are way better off booking a hotel massage. Imagine you and your loved one are enjoying a couples massage in the comfort of your own hotel room and you can be with just the two of you after the massage. That definitely is the best way to treat you and your partner on some quality time.

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