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Tantric massage

A very populair style is tantric massage. It is erotic and sensual why don’t you give it a try

Tantric massage girl

Body to Body Massage

This is similar to a nuru massage only less oil is used to prevent a messy hotel room

hong kong girl

Full Body Massage

A basic and professional service. perfect to relax en south the muscles

sexy body

Four hands massage

Why have masseuse if you can have 2? Double girls double fun! 🙂

two girls

Welcome to Massage HK, Outcalls: Available 24 hours

There are numerous situations in which you do want to book a massage, but you are not willing or able to visit a massage parlor. The easiest and most convenient way to book a massage is an outcall massage. You don’t have to leave your office, home or hotel room to enjoy a professional massage, you can plan the appointment in a tight schedule because you don’t have to go anywhere and you can enjoy the treatment in the safety and comfort of your own home or hotel. Our masseuses are able to perform high quality massage treatments in virtually any private space, so why go through the hassle of going to a massage parlor anymore?

An outcall massage really is like any other massage, with the huge benefits of not having to go anywhere to get a massage. Any type of massage or massage technique can be booked for an outcall massage. A Swedish massage, a full body massage or a deep tissue massage can be easily performed in a hotel room. Also a tantric massage or even a spa massage can be done in your private room. A spa massage especially can be done when your hotel room has a big bathroom which can be used to create a spa like environment or when you are willing to use scented candles, essential oils and incense to create a spa feeling. Using this kind of aromatherapy will increase the spa like feeling easily. Our massage therapists are experienced, educated and service oriented.

Our girls are dedicated to giving our clients the best massage treatment possible in any environment. Any special needs can be accommodated and will be treated properly during the massage. The masseuses are used to working on locations across Hong Kong and are very flexible when it comes to massage techniques, locations and the hour of the day to plan an appointment. Don’t hesitate any longer and book one of our quality outcall massages!

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    Shiatsu massage

    One of the newer massage techniques that is being used around the world is the Shiatsu massage technique. The first Shiastu massage school started in the 1940s when founder Namikoshi perfected the technique based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and wanted to share his knowledge with other massage therapists. The technique originates from Japan, shiatsu means […]

    Hot oil massage

    There is a nice and simple way to upgrade your usual massage treatments, try out a hot oil massage! For both experienced and less experienced clients a hot oil massage is a true gift to your body and mind. This is the ultimate relaxing treatment that is easy to perform at just about any location. […]

    Massage Techniques

    When booking a massage it is of vital importance to choose a massage technique that fits your preferences and the current issues you are facing. There are lots of massage techniques that can help treat certain issues. When your muscles and body as a whole need some treatment a massage is one of the most […]