Massage Techniques

Massage Techniques

When booking a massage it is of vital importance to choose a massage technique that fits your preferences and the current issues you are facing. There are lots of massage techniques that can help treat certain issues. When your muscles and body as a whole need some treatment a massage is one of the most natural ways to address the issues. One of the best known techniques is Swedish massage. This technique is based on kneading, stroking and tapping the sore and tired muscles. This particular massage therapy is very well suited for tired and sore muscles that need attention, but will not benefit from too much pressure on the sore areas. Areas that need some more pressure will be treated using friction and slightly lifting the muscle to release the tension. The Swedish massage style is based on long stroking techniques that will treat tiredness, stiffness and soreness.

Certain massage techniques are using acupressure to treat particular issues. This technique is based on the theory certain parts of the body correspond with other parts of the body, mostly your intestines, which can be affected by stress, tiredness and heavy emotions. This technique originates in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and is very similar to acupuncture without using the needles to treat the pressure points. These massage techniques respect the natural energy flow of the body and aim to restore this and treat any energy blocks that might affect your health and energy level.

A great way to treat yourself after a busy day or a long hike is booking a foot massage. A foot massage treats way more than just your feet. By using acupressure and reflexology techniques the whole body will be treated while only massaging the feet and lower leg area. Reflexology is also a technique based in Traditional Chinese Medicine which aims to treat several bodily issues while addressing the corresponding areas in the feet. A foot massage will obviously release any tension in the feet and calves, but it will also make your whole body feel energized. This technique is easy to perform in just about any location and will give you a great feeling for little effort for the client.

When you are dealing with more severe muscle aches and tiredness throughout the body, a deep tissue massage might be just the treatment you will need. A deep tissue massage can be a similar experience as a Thai massage due to the amount of pressure that is applied to the muscles. Usually a deep tissue massage is booked when a client is experiencing issues with muscles that lie a bit deeper in the body, or when the muscle aches are severe and persistent or when there is chronic tension in the muscles. This treatment is designed to treat muscle issues caused by various reasons, such as stress, an incorrect posture and forced movements.

Another popular massage therapy is erotic massage or sensual massage. This treatment aims on treating any issues related to your sex life, sexual feelings, sexuality and sensual inner self. By relaxing the body any energy that might block your sexual energy is being treated. Stress, tiredness and emotional imbalance can negatively affect your sex life and sensuality. When your body and mind are relaxed, you are way more open to get in touch with your own erotic and sexual energy. This massage can make you feel peaceful, aroused, energized and give you a confidence boost. This massage can be a treatment for your own sexual issues, or it can be part of your sexual life and relationship by introducing this treatment into your relationship or use similar techniques in the privacy of your own bedroom. Lots of sexual issues are related to stress, so an erotic or sensual massage can make a huge difference in your sex life.