Foot massage

One of the best ways to relax after a busy day or a stressful time is to book a foot massage. A foot massage treatment is using techniques based on reflexology and is meant to relax more than just your feet. By using reflexology techniques both the body and mind will relax and let go of stress, tension and energy blocks. Not only your tired feet will feel revived, your whole body will get an energy boost after a nice foot massage. This is a great treatment when you are dealing with stress, headaches, sleeping problems and when you have trouble to relax.

During a foot massage treatment the therapist will treat your feet and lower legs using reflexology and pressure points. The treatment is based on the basics of reflexology which is stimulating pressure points that are connected with different parts of the body. The treatment is focused on the foot soles, but will also address the toes, heels, the rest of your feet and lower legs. The aim is to remove energy blocks and improve the blood circulation which gives the body a relaxed feel and a lot of new energy.

Foot massage based on reflexology is an ancient massage technique that has proven to be able to treat very diverse mental and physical issues. It is an easy way to give your body and mind a boost of energy and treat stress related issues. The treatment will improve the blood circulation in the feet, legs and throughout the body and will improve the drainage of toxic fluids in your body. The massage will boost your immune system and energy level and will reduce stress. Because the foot massage will reduce stress it will positively influence your concentration, sleep, ability to relax and will improve your all over mood and feeling about yourself. Booking a foot massage at Tantric Hong Kong will be one of the best treats you can give yourself after a long and busy day.