Couples massage

A massage can be a great treat to yourself, but why not share it with your partner, good friend or close relative? Then you can enjoy the pleasure of having a massage treatment together and it will definitely deepen your relationship by sharing such a relaxing and intimate treatment. There are several techniques that can be used during a couples massage, that obviously depends on your personal preferences.

It is wise to discuss how you enjoy a massage before you book a treatment with your partner or friend. If you are very talkative and your massage partner isn’t, it could not be the experience you expected to get. The massage therapist will honor your wishes as much as possible, so if you are both comfortable talking to each other during the treatment, you should indeed do that. The masseuses will make sure you are able to talk during the massage treatment while she is keeping a close eye on how you respond to the moves and pressure she is applying.

Usually during a couples massage there are a few techniques being used. These techniques are borrowed from Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and even pressure point techniques originated in Thai massage can be used to treat certain areas and help your body relax. Also aromatherapy can be used to give the massage a nice romantic or very relaxed feel. Our masseuses at Tantric Hong Kong are very experienced in giving professional and personalized couples massage.

Besides the well-known benefits of massage therapy as relieving stress, relaxing body and mind and treating tense muscles, a couples massage offers something special. Most couples that experience such a treatment feel more connected to each other and feel like their emotional connection is deeper and more meaningful. Especially couples that have a busy schedule and don’t get to spend a lot of time together benefit greatly from a couples treatment. Hormones like serotonin and dopamine are being produced more heavily which gives the client the feeling of being free and happy. All stress, worries and irritations seems to have vanished for a moment.